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Tetra Tech Rooney (REI) is a multifaceted engineering firm that specializes in planning, design, engineering and construction administration services for communication networks, pipelines, terminal facilities, pump stations, compression stations and associated SCADA and communications networks. REI’s clients benefit from our industry knowledge and project design creativity, in an environment where permitting and construction challenges demand innovative solutions.

Pipelines in Challenging Terrain

Traversing diverse terrain, such as dense urban areas, rugged mountain ranges or wetlands, requires creativity and experience. REI’s design team has met these challenges and others, using innovation and practical problem solving to complete pipeline projects of varying complexity… 

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Pipeline Modeling

Pipeline modeling is the first step to understanding the design parameters of pipeline gathering and transmission projects…

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Pipeline Integrity / Rehabilitation

Tetra Tech Rooney (REI) strives to keep apprised of, and utilize, new technology and project management techniques in the rehabilitation of pipelines in the United States. Many of the vital pipeline transmission systems constructed during the last 40 to 50 years continue to be in operation today…

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Petroleum Facilities Design

The design team at Tetra Tech Rooney (REI) works closely with owners and developers to ensure new or refurbished facilities will meet performance goals, keeping in mind long-term ease of operations and cost effectiveness…

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Construction Inspection

Tetra Tech Rooney (REI) provides a full suite of competitively priced pipeline and station third-party inspection services specific to petroleum transportation…

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Commercial & Due Diligence

Tetra Tech Rooney’s (REI) industry knowledge helps bring client initiatives to fruition through the creation of a Design Base Memorandum that establishes the commercial design parameters for liquid or gas gathering and transmission projects, truck terminals or natural gas storage facilities…

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Directional Drilling

Tetra Tech Rooney (REI) specializes in directional drilling for pipeline and fiber optic projects, touting a portfolio that includes the design of directional drills below slip planes, under rivers, railroad tracks and highways…

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Tank Farm or Truck Terminal Construction

Tetra Tech Rooney (REI) understands that quality work, safety and a reduction in a tank or terminal’s downtime are paramount in tank repair and new tank and truck loading…

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