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Pipeline modeling is the first step in understanding the design parameters of pipeline gathering and transmission projects. Using a range of software packages such as SynerGEE Gas, Pipeline Studio, PipePhase and REI’s proprietary in-house software, we have the capability of modeling steady-state single-phase gas and liquid pipeline systems and multi-phase pipeline systems. Computer models allow REI to determine proper pipeline size, pump and compressor size, potential pipeline drip locations, areas of concern for existing pipelines and estimated slug sizes for design purposes.

REI asks three questions before beginning a pipeline modeling project:

1.   Is the current project commercially feasible? REI’s project team assists clients with project feasibility studies to help gauge the potential success of the project and create a Design Base Memorandum.
2.   Can the project be designed to maximize functionality at the lowest possible cost? REI’s team of seasoned professionals is well trained to interpret and work with limited production data, often associated with Greenfield projects. Using a broad range of modeling options, REI aids clients in achieving targeted outcomes, such as project capabilities optimization, cost efficiency and minimal environmental impact.
3.   Can the project be permitted? REI’s senior project team collaborates with an environmental team in order to avoid projects that won’t be permitted by regulatory agencies or, of equal importance, projects that are technically or commercially uneconomic, even if they are permitted.


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