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Location: Hawaii
Description: diversification of Hawaii's fuel sources to reduce dependence on privately held infrastructure

Hawaii’s power generation has predominately been reliant on petroleum-based fuels and third-party infrastructure for supply paths to generating facilities on Oahu and neighboring islands. In 2010, studies were completed to assess the current infrastructure used to import, store and distribute fuel on Oahu, as well as the ability to support recent legislative requirements outlined by the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative and Renewable Portfolio Standards. This assessment focused on developing plans that would:

  • Facilitate the increased use of biofuels and reduce Hawaii’s reliance on petroleum-based fossil fuels
  • Increase the reliability and diversity of Hawaii’s fuel supplies
  • Reduce the dependence on privately held infrastructure

REI worked with this client to determine the best means of achieving these desired outcomes. Preliminary planning and design have been conducted, indicating a need for the construction of a new fuel pier at Kalaeloa Harbor, expansion of the existing fuel infrastructure with the addition of approximately eight miles of pipeline ranging from 8" to 20" in diameter, and construction of a new 1.8-million-barrel bulk storage and distribution facility. Operating as the owner’s engineer, REI provided capital, estimating services and risk analysis in support of developing budgets for the implementation of the Hawaiian fuel infrastructure with project-planning services.


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