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Dean Shauers



Dean Shauers serves as the president of Tetra Tech Rooney. He has over 29 years of experience in petroleum liquid and gas transportation system design, construction, operation and maintenance. Touting an extensive background in pipeline design and hydraulic modeling, terminal operations and design, measurement and SCADA systems, Dean’s experience spans all facets of engineering design and construction management.



Mark B. Johnke

Vice President, Engineering


Mark Johnke has 27 years of experience in the petroleum transportation industry and has managed engineering departments and complex projects ranging from pipeline and station maintenance to new facility construction.


Mark has extensive operations and maintenance project experience, including prover water draws and piping retirements to maritime vessel dry-docking, station manifold revisions, API 653 inspections, storage tank renovations, line lowering and pipeline in-line inspections and rehabilitation. In the area of new construction, Mark’s experience encompasses installing main line pumps and the associated piping, check metering, proving and boosting facilities, natural gas pipeline within shared rights-of-way, larger crude oil pipelines, new storage tanks, tank inert-gas blanketing, produced water handling and high-pressure injection, products loading terminal expansion and construction of railcar-supplied truck loading facilities.



Ty France

Principal, Branch Manager - Montana


Ty France, currently a principal and manager at REI in Billings, Montana, touts over 22 years of engineering expertise in project engineering, operations engineering and consultant engineering as related to liquids DOT pipeline systems. Ty’s diverse background in the pipeline industry includes eight years with Texaco Pipeline, working in their central engineering department in Denver, Colorado, on major capital projects and in their Rocky Mountain region. He has been with REI since 1999. Ty’s work experience includes design and construction of new pipeline facilities including cross-country pipelines, pump stations, storage tanks, barge loading and truck facilities, as well as upgrades to existing active facilities. Ty is experienced in extensive regulatory compliance work in pipeline integrity projects.



Troy Pierantoni

Principal, Branch Manager - Wyoming


Troy Pierantoni has over 19 years of pipeline engineering experience, both as an engineer for a pipeline operating company and in a consultant capacity. Troy has extensive knowledge of pipeline facilities, pipeline integrity work and modifications to operational facilities. Related pipeline integrity activities include: completing system pipeline integrity analysis, hydrostatic testing, managing in-line inspection programs, managing extensive anomaly repair programs and assisting with the development and review of DOT-mandated integrity management programs.





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