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Location: Utah
Description: 16-inch crude oil pipeline, designed to flow at approximately
100,000 bbls/day

Tetra Tech Rooney's (REI) early involvement with this client helped to streamline the development of a new pipeline corridor, as well as accelerate the overall project permitting process. REI was able to accomplish this through a non-traditional project approach, incorporating a portion of the pipeline right-of-way within the highway corridor, which was under the control of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). By partnering with UDOT, the number of major municipality permit holders was reduced from five down to one, and the project's permit attainment was ultimately streamlined. Additionally, the strategic placement of this crude pipeline within UDOT's corridor helped to minimize the construction impact on the surrounding urban environment, and aided in significantly reducing the number of private landowner conflicts.

Looking beyond traditional methodologies and construction practices, REI's unique approach in working with the state governments resulted in resolution of the design challenges associated with corridor re-development and alleviated potential legal and construction issues. With the avoidance of these conflicts, this project was constructed and completed on time and on schedule.


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